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Professional Pedicure & Manicure  Smart Pods Peach Bellini | Smart SpaProfessional Pedicure & Manicure  Smart Pods  Product ViewPeach Bellini | Smart SpaProfessional Pedicure & Manicure  Smart Pods  Ingredient ViewPeach Bellini | Smart Spa

Peach Bellini - 4 Step System Smart Pod

Size:Single Use 4-Step Pod Kit
Transform your salon's pedicure game with our Peach Bellini Smart Pod 4-Step kit - featuring pre-measured single-use pods of sugar scrub, fresh soak, moisture mask, and massage lotion, this complete and sanitary pedicure system offers easy inventory management and client safety in one convenient package.
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This kit contains a perfectly pre-measured amount Smart Spa sugar scrub, fresh soak, moisture mask and massage lotion in the Peach Bellini scent packaged in single use pods. Each pod is sealed and contains enough product for a manicure and pedicure service. These kits are perfect for client safety and ideal for inventory management in your salon.

Smart Pod

Freshly pureed peach and delightful sparking wine blend for a light, refreshing scent. The natural and soothing scent of fruit and sugary bubbles is delicious for clientele who want to spend a fun outing with their Brunch-mates at the salon.
Begin your pedicure by adding Fresh Soak into your pedicure or manicure bowl. Soak hands/feet for 3-5 minutes.

Exfoliate hands and feet with Sugar Scrub by Massage into skin, concentrating on rough areas. Rinse with warm water and towel dry.

After you've exfoliated, apply the moisture mask; leave it on the skin for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and towel dry.

Lastly, finish your pedicure and/or manicure with the luxury lotion; smooth as much of the lotion into your skin as needed.

Follow with desired polish application

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